Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Artist: Ootuoyevoli

A.K.A.: Ootuoyevoli

Country: Colombia

Type of Art: Photography

Limelight Content:
     The above piece amazes me a lot because it shows a very striking picture amidst its simplicity. The entire structure is a perfect conglomeration of silent emotions and loud gesture. The kind of gesture that the model is showing is just enough - enough to reveal the message. It has an overflowing potential of knocking at the spectator's sleeping curiosity. The entire scene might be considered by some as strange and less dramatic, but it absolutely caters its main goal and that is to show the people the message that it tries to give - the message of the fifth element called love.
     Colorless? Who cares? What matters most is the intention of the artist to give emphasis on the word "love". That's the main principle and it did work! And for me, it is the most dramatic emphasis that one could give - less face, more meaning.

Beyond the Usual:
     "Love" (the above piece) teaches us one thing - to love unconditionally. The remarkable gesture of the model tells us that love shouldn't be based on what we can see, it should be based solely on what we can feel. Why? Because that's what unconditional love is all about. It is a  kind of love  that is not based on knowing and accepting all of those superficial characteristics that is visually acceptable. Instead, it is a kind of love that goes deeper and deeper each time an unwanted imperfection has been unveiled. 
     As a conclusion, unconditional love is something that we should be aiming for. Why? Because loving unconditionally is the most perfect way of expressing and sharing the love that God has given us. It is a love that's not ordinary because it can only be produced in an extraordinary way. No superficial spark, no boundaries, and [most of all] no strongholds. TEMPORARY will never have a place on this kind of love... only PERMANENCE.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fake Beauty

Artist: Tarik Tadmori

A.K.A.: Tar-ik78

Country: United Arab Emirates

Type of Art: Photo Manipulation

Limelight Content:
     Art with the use of puzzle pieces or the characteristics of a puzzle does not do well when it comes to attracting art appreciators, unlike this one. The above art is an actual testimony that puzzle pieces are not that boring and are actually effective when it comes to soliciting the crowd's attention and curiosity as it tries to knock each and everyone's thoughts. This particular art also tells artists to be more creative in incorporating puzzle pieces in order to gain much more positive and overwhelming response from the public. Thus, the element of puzzle pieces is equivalent to the element of surprise and curiosity when incorporated in an art.
     The display of the model's character (through her simple yet astonishing facial expression) is, indeed, a realization that this art has a deep sense of conviction when it comes to illustrating and telling a story. Thus, adding this gorgeous model with her deteriorating face is an effective way to own its title - "Fake Beauty".
     As an overall assessment, "Fake Beauty" is a true and timeless masterpiece that reflects people's desire for greater yet artificial glory. Indeed, this art is both a reflection and a realization of a specific character that should be corrected. 

Beyond the Usual:
     "Fake Beauty" brings realization to everyone that fabricated beauty doesn't lasts for a lifetime. It is a realization that tells us to love that simple, yet authentic beauty that has been given to us by our creator - God. That simple beauty won't appear that simple as long as we learn to appreciate it by means of embracing it whole-heartedly (a process that tells about value and acceptance). Through this simple process, the simple beauty that we ought to know will suddenly have that glowing effect, which is capable of  revealing to us our true self. A self that talks about character and value. 
     As an end, beauty doesn't need to be measured outwardly because the true measure of beauty is what's within us. True beauty talks about the right amount of love, joy, and the overwhelming positive outlook in life. Therefore, we should not take too much time in developing our superficial identity by means of faking it. Why? Because our true identity is about to be revealed not by our external appearance, but by those hidden little gems that continues to glow within each and everyone of us.